Clean Water Project – Ghana

Our carbon-renewal offset purchases this year are going to Ghana!




Here at Glacier Park Boat Company, we’re thankful for the fresh waters of Montana.  As part of our Environmental Practices, we work to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  Still, we purchase carbon renewal credits to offset the fuel we do use.  We are committed to remain a Carbon-Neutral Company and be good to the Environment.

This year, we’re contributing to the Ghana Clean Water Project, a Greenhouse Gas-Reducing Water Purification Project.  Since we are surrounded by an abundance of clean water to run our boats in, swim in and drink worry free from our faucet, this is our choice option to give back to Planet Earth.  Our 2014 carbon-renewal offset purchases are going to Ghana!




Sachets, often filled with untreated water, are a common water source in Accra, Ghana.


Our contributions will directly contribute to the installation of water filters in Ghana residences, in thanks for this:


St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park


Give Life, Give Water!

You can read more about more Climate Solutions at Native Energy.

There is no denying it, the Glaciers are melting and Climate Change is here.  It is apparent for us, driving boats and looking at the Glaciers of GNP.  While this has all been set in motion, we all must do our part to conserve and be green.

Tell us, what are some of the amazing of the Climate Solutions you’ve heard of?



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