Go Adventure for National Parks Week!

Free weekend Admission to Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Spring Snow

To kick off National Parks Week, this weekend is Free Admission in Glacier National Park (and all National Parks)!

Why not go adventure?  Behold: the sights, sounds, and smells of Spring in the Crown of the Continent!

Upper McDonald Creek

We’ll be celebrating in Glacier for National Parks Week, and thought we’d share with you some ideas to get your endeavor started.  This is a great time of year to see wildlife, so make sure to bring your camera!

Elk Herd Two Dog Flats

Elk Herd photo via NPS


Also, although we’ve had less snow than usual this year, be prepared for mud, snow, rain, puddles!  As always in Glacier, dress in layers and pack more than you think you’ll need if you’re going to be out hiking.

If you just want to drive, there are a few great options for viewing what the park is looking like this April.

—–> See the detailed roads status is posted here via NPS.

Lake McDonald photo via NPS


 Venture to the Eastside!

Highway 2 Driving

Photo Via FlatheadLiving.com


(If you are coming from the Flathead area, take Highway 2)

*Drive the Two Medicine Road to Running Eagle Falls and see how it is flowing this year.  Make sure to stop by the Two Medicine Grill for a bite to eat on your way out or back!  (Open 6:30am-8pm)

—–> NPS is now predicting that the road will be open to Two Medicine Valley on Saturday!  Even better!

Two Medicine Grill

Photo by Wayne Murphy via www.seeglacier.com


*Drive the Many Glacier Road to the Boundary, then bike the rest of the way to the Many Glacier Valley.  Say “hi” to the Winter Caretakers and the crew working on the bridge!

New Many Glacier Bridge GNP

New Many Glacier Bridge photo via NPS



Check out the Westside:

*Visit the Apgar Visitor Center & get a great view of Lake McDonald.  See if you can memorize all the peaks on this historical marker!

Mountains Lake McDonald

Apgar Peak Marker photo by James Hackethorn


*Check out Lake McDonald Lodge in the Wintertime.  Although the Lodge isn’t open, you can walk around the historical area and bask in the relative quiet before the Lodge opens in May.

Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald Lodge is the first of the Historic Lodges to open each year. Photo via NPS



*Then, head East on the Going to Sun Road by foot or bike, see how far you go!  (More of the Going to the Sun Plowing Progress here)


Plowing Going to the Sun Glacier National Park

Happy National Parks Week!

We hope you enjoy the Crown of the Continent in this season of new growth, and we’d love to hear your stories on our Facebook page.


Middle Fork Sunset

Middle Fork Sunset photo via NPS