Do You Snowshoe?

Ranger-led Snowshoeing trips offered through March in GNP


One of the easiest ways to get out in it and experience the change of seasons: SNOWSHOES!  These amazing contraptions make it possibly to get your hiking groove on with out falling through the snow on every step.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful way to enjoy nature, and we want to do more of it in 2015!

If you’re lucky enough to live near the park or be able to visit this Winter, there are Ranger-led snowshoe walks in Apgar offered now through March!  This would be a great way to try snowshoeing for the first time and get a weekend date in!  If you live elsewhere- still go snowshoe this Winter.  Many sporting goods stores & Army Navy stores rent equipment for reasonable prices.  Go explore your favorite warm-season trail in the Winter!

Details of the Apgar Snowshoe:

WINTER SNOWSHOE WALK (rentals available)

Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am & 2pm

Meet at Apgar Visitor Center

January 10-March 22

map to apgar

(More info on the NPS-led Snowshoe trips here)

Photo of Canadian Couple snowshoeing in 1907 by John Boyd, via the Archives of Ontario


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  1. Snowshoe with a date in Glacier? Sounds awesome.

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