Two Medicine Lake

Glacier Park Boat Company is committed to environmental stewardship and identifying the best practices for reducing our impact on the pristine environment of Glacier National Park and beyond. We work closely with the National Park Service and other local, state, and federal agencies to develop environmentally sound operating procedures. While we’re proud to say we are a carbon-neutral company, we continue to research and audit our business practices to ensure Glacier National Park remains the crown jewel that it is.

Here’s a short list of just some of the things we do to minimize our environmental footprint in Glacier National Park and the world surrounding:

  1. Practice recycling and waste-reduction company wide.
  2. Utilize water & energy conservation methods.
  3. Use solar power to provide electricity to some of our housing and boathouses
  4. Incorporate Green Purchasing program to utilize earth-friendly products.
  5. Actively engage in litter abatement around each of our 5 operations in the park.
  6. Work to reduce the threat of invasive species in the lakes and surrounding areas of GNP. Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!
  7. Purchase Verifiable Emissions Reduction certificates (VER’s) for fuel and other non-renewable energy use.
  8. Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) to compensate our energy use.

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