Two Medicine Chalet Remodel


Looking back, one challenge for us last summer was the Two Medicine housing remodel.  Our original (1914) chalet was being restored to preserve its historical integrity, and so our hard working boat captains were housed in trailers.

The chalet was built by the Great Northern Railway to house guests arriving on horseback up the valley from the train station at Midvale. After World War II, many of the chalets in the park were in various degrees of disrepair, and sadly most were torn down. When that fate was bestowed on the Two Medicine chalet complex in 1954, Arthur J. Burch, founder of the Glacier Park Boat Company, purchased the last chalet for $1 and moved it nearly a quarter mile to its current location. It was a quite simple and small structure, and the Boat Company built two additions to add a kitchen and bathroom making it a great bunk house for the summer crews.

These photos show the abundance of Great Northern Chalet buildings in the area around the roaring 1920s.

twomedicine twomedicine3

(Historical Photos via the National Park Lodge Architecture Society)


This summer, this Chalet was renovated, and Barb took some great photos which we’re sharing with you today!  It was fun to see progress on this project throughout the summer, but we’ll be really looking forward to having our housing back next summer.  Did you take any photos of the Two Medicine Chalet remodel?  If so, please share on our Facebook page!









A big shout out to our entire Two-Medicine Crew for their flexibility and good attitudes while their usual housing was out of commission for the summer!  We will be sharing Captain Profiles of that crew for you here shortly.

Everyone, come see us on the Sinopah this summer and check out the final product on the Two Medicine Boat Company Chalet!