Call Me Capn’ : Two Medicine Crew

Meet our interesting & inspirational Two Medicine Crew from last summer!



Meet our summer 2014’s Two Medicine Crew!

We kicked off our Captain Profiles with the ladies of Rising Sun, and now we’re going to share with you last summer’s Two-Med Crew.  This Crew had some extra challenges (read about our Two Medicine Chalet Remodel Here), and they are just a really intriguing bunch.  Read on for some great hiking tips & insight on life.  Love the backpack contents of this group!


NAME: Carly Crowley (on the left above)

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Merganser– nominative to the area- enjoys mellow days on the water and has a quirky personality to match the merganser’s call!

HOME FORT: Hayfield, MN

BEST DAY HIKE: Cobalt Lake -or- Length of Waterton Lake

BEST OVERNIGHT: I actually haven’t backpacked before.  My family has done a lot of camping and we love staying at St. Mary.  I prefer long day hikes.

ALWAYS: Take time to stop, breathe, and soak in the world around you.  Appreciate the fact that we did nothing to produce the beauty around us, nature just is.

NEVER: feed a ground squirrel

in Carly’s BACKPACK: -Raincoat, food, Willifred the Bear, Headband, Camera, Notecards/pen, Socks, iPod/Speaker, Water






NAME: Tarek Penser

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Spruce Bud Worm.  I only eat the new, fresh veggies & new growth in the fridge.

HOME FORT: Stockholm, Sweden

BEST DAY HIKE: Shangri-La—>Iceberg Lake

BEST OVERNIGHT: I tend to do more day-hikes/climbing mountains.  My best long day here in Glacier is the Skyline Experience, starting at Many Glacier and ending at Siyeh Bend.

ALWAYS: Drink at least a cup of coffee before hiking

in Tarek’s BACKPACK: Mum’s 30-year-old swiss army knife & the Climber’s Guide by J.G. Edwards



NAME: Anne Schuschke

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Pika– I’m most at home in the high alpine meadows & boulder fields where it’s a bit cooler.

HOME FORT: Kalispell, MT / Back seat, Subaru, anyplace

BEST DAY HIKE: Floral Park

BEST OVERNIGHT: Livingston Traverse – Bowman Lake, Thunderbird, Guardhouse, Jefferson Pass, Gyrfalcon Lake, Flattop, Packers Roost.

ALWAYS: Let the mountains clear your mind & open your heart and… summit beer.

NEVER: work a desk job

in Anne’s BACKPACK: Mittens, chapstick, mtn. goat wool collection, bear claw, headlamp



NAME: Gillian Thornberry

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Lake Swallow- for the way they fly with joy & weightlessness over a glassy lake.

HOME FORT: Originally Kalispell, now Missoula is home.

BEST DAY HIKE: Go up to Two Medicine Pass and from there climb up any peak!  (Grizzly, Painted Teepee or Rockwell)

BEST OVERNIGHT: The Belly River: Poia Lake to Elizabeth Lake, Glenns Lake, then back through Ptarmigan Tunnel.

ALWAYS: Remember to look up rather than at your feet; mountain top yoga; be grateful to the mountains and let their strength and beauty fill you to the brim.

NEVER: Underestimate how much food you will need…

in Gillian’s BACKPACK: Chocolate!  Bandana, rain gear, various rocks from along the way.



NAME: Zane Zell

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Yellow-rumped warbler (also known as butter butt warbler) because everything needs love

HOME FORT: Shelby, Montana

BEST DAY HIKE: Any hike when it’s sunny, warm and lots of ripe berries

BEST OVERNIGHT: Belly River- Mokowannis —> MT Cleveland —> Stoney Indian —> Waterton and the CDT

ALWAYS: Expect the unexpected and be ready to be dazzled.

NEVER: Underestimate Glacier Park weather!

in Zane’s BACKPACK: Beret of former climbing partner, eagle feather, Ojode Venado, Duct tape, superglue, parachute cord and a jaguar tooth.



Thanks, Two-Med Crew, for such interesting profiles, and for a great season!  Are you interested in joining some of the most adventurous, interesting people working in Glacier Park?  Check out our Employment Page!