Maps & Directions

Maps & Directions

Drive Time Information

Drive Time Information

  1. Please check trail status prior to hiking.

Eastside Logan Pass
Maps & Driving Time

Glacier National Park is a popular destination during the summer months, drive times in and around Glacier National Park vary considerably due to varying speed limits, traffic, weather, wildlife, and congested parking lots. Travel to the park may also be delayed due to road construction projects in outlying areas. Please allow for extra time when traveling to your boat tour location.

Lake McDonald

Our Lake McDonald Tour and Rental location is located just off of Going to the Sun Road, directly behind the Lake McDonald Lodge. It is approximately 11 miles from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park.
Estimated Travel Times to Lake McDonald
West Entrance 11 Miles 25 Minutes
East Glacier (Hwy 2) 67 Miles 1.25 Hours
East Glacier (GTSR) 83 Miles 2.25 Hours
Many Glacier (Hwy 2) 108 Miles 2.5 Hours
Many Glacier (GTSR) 70 Miles 2.25 Hours
Kalispell 44 Miles 1 Hour
Whitefish 37 Miles 54 Minutes

Apgar at Lake McDonald

The Apgar Rentals location is on the south shore of Lake McDonald in the Apgar Village.
Estimated Travel Times to Apgar Village
West Entrance 3 Miles 10 Minutes
East Glacier (Hwy 2) 58 Miles 1 Hour
East Glacier (GTSR) 83 Miles 2.25 Hours
Many Glacier (Hwy 2) 108 Miles 2.5 Hours
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St. Mary Lake

Boat tours at St. Mary Lake will depart from the Rising Sun Boat Dock, approximately 5 miles from the St. Mary Entrance of Glacier National Park, just off of Going to the Sun Road.
Estimated Travel Times to Rising Sun
West Glacier (Hwy 2) 92 Miles 2 Hours
West Glacier (GTSR) 44 Miles 1.5 Hours
East Glacier 28 Miles 1 Hour
Many Glacier 28 Miles 1 Hour
Kalispell (Hwy 2) 135 Miles 2.75 Hours
Kalispell (GTSR) 78 Miles 2.25 Hours
Whitefish (Hwy 2) 128 Miles 2.5 Hours
Whitefish (GTSR) 71 Miles 2 Hours

Two Medicine Lake

The Two Medicine Entrance is located just outside of the town of East Glacier off of Highway 49. Two Medicine Road will dead end at the lake with our ticket office at the edge of the parking lot.
Estimated Travel Times to Two Medicine Lake
West Glacier (Hwy 2) 66 Miles 1.5 Hours
West Glacier (GTSR) 84 Miles 2.5 Hours
East Glacier 12 Miles 25 Minutes
Many Glacier 54 Miles 1.5 Hours
Kalispell 99 Miles 2.25 Hours
Whitefish 92 Miles 2 Hours
- - -

Many Glacier

Our Many Glacier tours are located directly behind the Many Glacier Hotel. Many Glacier is a separate entrance to the Park located on Route 2, just outside of Babb, MT.
Estimated Travel Times to Many Glacier
West Glacier (Hwy 2) 108 Miles 2.5 Hours
West Glacier (GTSR) 70 Miles 2.5 Hours
East Glacier 51 Miles 1.5 Hours
Rising Sun 28 Miles 1 Hour
Two Medicine 54 Miles 1.5 Hours
Kalispell (Hwy 2) 147 Miles 3.25 Hours
Kalispell (GTSR) 103 Miles 3 Hours
Whitefish (Hwy 2) 140 Miles 3 Hours
Whitefish (GTSR) 96 Miles 2.75 Hours

Park entrance delays and temporary valley closures may occur during heavy seasonal visitation. Please inform the Ranger at the Park entrance you have a boat tour reservation and be prepared to show your confirmation letter for entry. We recommend you plan to arrive at your location at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled tour time to allow extra time to get to the ticket office.

This service is operated by Glacier Park Boat Company, a Concessioner under contract with the U.S. Government and administered by the National Park Service. The Concessioner is responsible for conducting these operations in a satisfactory manner. Services and prices are approved by the National Park Service.

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